Lauku tēja
The power of forests and meadows in your cup of tea

Lauku tējas

Organic herbal tea - all ingredients are hand picked and products are created in farm holding EU biological farming certificate since 1999. Brigita Lūkina has created the brand Lauku tēja. And was a pioneer with idea to offer herbal tea in regular shops. The philosophy is simple to produce herbal tea for everyday consumption, the tea should be tasty and beautiful. Thus the packaging is transparent as we would like to be honest with each and every customer for him/her to be the judge if the product is up to the standarts.

Tea variety

ZS Ozoliņi can offer up to 20 different types of herbal infusions. Some of them you can see here.

For gifts

The gift with a touch of nature. Our tea in glas jars, boxes or linen bags. We do work closely and taylor your ideas together. Your requests are welcome: [email protected]

Where to find

You can order our tea in our shop we do ship worldwide. 
Or if you happen to be in Latvia you will find our tea in the following shops. Should you be willing  to cooperate, please drop us an e-mail: [email protected]

Daba Jelgavā
Daba Liepājā
Daba Ventspis
Elkor Gift Shop
Garšas Harmonija
Klēts Rimi
Sky Veikali
Zaļā Govs