The power of 
forests and meadows 
in your cup of tea

The beginning

The story of Lauku tēja and farm Ozoliņi (little oaks) backs in May, 1977. The day when Dima and Brigita Lukini current owners of the farm visited an abandoned house in Zaubes parish and got caught by the calmness and beauty of the place. These were years when Dima studied in the Arts Academy and it was highly trendy to find a place away from city centers and eyes of the great political power. Where to emerge in the freedom of hippy lifestyle and enjoy being in nature. 


You will find the farm just 100 km outside Riga city center. fully surrowned by meadows and forest. The treasures of nature are preserved so well here that one can find up to 52 different herbs in one square meter of the meadow. 

History of the house and herbal tea business

Brigita's story: 150 years ago, the duke Tranze of Anna's Manor gave a Latvian family some land 3.5 miles from Annas in the woods. A place with lots of oaks. One of the Miller sons, studied as a surveyor and went to Russia. There he worked at the Tsarist Manor for 25 years, made a lot of money and returned to Latvia. The father was in debt, son paid and bought agricultural machinery, and built a new residential house. The last owner Anna Liepiņš died at the age of 84 in 1964. When we were looking for a family home for our family to relax on weekends and in the summer, we found Ozolini in a bad shape, with no windows, no doors in a shaded area, it was 1977, we went to the countryside by bicycle because. We bought the car only in 1989. We had a house with antique furniture and wanted it to be as romantic as it was in the old days. Ozolini had a big, old bread oven where I decided to try to bake some too. In those days, there was not possible to by bread baked in a wood-fired oven. I found a recipe in an ancient book and I succeeded. That old book described the recipe for "balck tea" as well. Put the apple leaves in a clay pot and, after baking the bread in oven overnight. When I felt a nice smell in the morning, when I took out the pot to take a look, all the leaves were brown. When I tasted, I decided that this is the tea I would like to always drink. Latvians made this recipe to have their own black tea - similar to Indian tea, which was expensive in those years. So I drank this tea often, then added - blackcurrant leaves to have Vitamin C, clover for cholesterol, fireweed for immunity, mountain ash for blood vessels. I started to think about business opportunities because I had attended Peace Corps courses where we learned how to start a business. The road was not easy as I was the first one, but in 1999 the first control arrived to certify the organic production. In 2006, the old house burned down and now a new house is being built, the old barn, a new tea plant and a log cabin have been preserved.