The power of 
forests and meadows 
in your cup of tea


The farm now is lead by next generation of Lukini family Evita and Martins. The tradition of making organic herbal tea is preserved and continued. Besides that place opens its gates for those who seek opportunities to reconnect with Mother Nature. 

The story of Lauku tēja and farm Ozoliņi (little oaks) backs in May, 1977. The day when Dima and Brigita Lukini the first owners of the farm visited an abandoned house in Zaubes parish and got caught by the calmness and beauty of the place. These were years when Dima studied in the Arts Academy and it was highly trendy to find a place away from city centers and eyes of the great political power. Where to emerge in the freedom of hippy lifestyle and enjoy being in nature. 


You will find the farm just 100 km outside Riga city center. fully surrowned by meadows and forest. The treasures of nature are preserved so well here that one can find up to 52 different herbs in one square meter of the meadow. 


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